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      Our Products|Signage Extrusions


      Signage Extrusions

      EMS has an extensive stock of?SIGN FRAMES,?RACEWAYS, and?miscellaneous SIGN EXTRUSIONS!? We also have a full line of?standard aluminum extrusions?and?an extensive inventory of? mill finish and painted aluminum sheet and channel letter coil.
      Why only quote the signage portion of a project?when EMS can help you offer a wide?range of architectural products to your customers while at the same job site?? We've developed systems?such as?decorative bahama shutters,?sunshades, canopies and metal?awnings?to give you more opportunities?at the quoting table!

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      EASYMOUNT Instructional Video

      Watch how this great new raceway can save you valuable time and money!

    4. CLICK HERE to view our EasyMount Raceway line card
    5. CLICK HERE to view our new 16" Sign Frame

      EMS has an extensive stock of sign frames, traditional & LED raceways & lids, flex face signage, retainers, half-round posts, divider bars, interior sign frames and mounting clips.

      We round out our offering with a full line of standard aluminum extrusions such as angles, channels, bars and tubing. We also carry an extensive inventory of mill finish and painted aluminum sheet and channel letter coil.

      For those sign manufacturers also making awnings, we carry staple extrusions and vinyl inserts as well as all of the traditional awning shapes such as canvas rails and z-clips.

      As more of our sign builders have realized profitable creative opportunities by adding decorative bahama shutters and sunshades to their product offerings, EMS has increased our custom aluminum extrusion inventories and fabrication capabilities to support these efforts.

      EMS is a proud member of the following Sign Associations:

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