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      Eastern Metal Supply Eastern Metal Supply
      Standard Extrusions & Sheet Hurricane Protection Systems Architectural Products Signage Extrusions
      Patio Handrailing Fence, Wall, & Gate Awning Extrusions
      Marine Extrusions & Accessories Boat Trailers & Lifts Dock & Seawall Systems ENDECK PVC Decking
      Machining & Fabrication D.O.T./Highway Products Windows and Doors Tigress Outriggers

      Founded in 1982, EMS is one of the largest domestic distributors of Custom and Standard Aluminum Extrusions. We have fourteen locations servicing North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean markets. Our nearly 1.5 million square feet of distribution and manufacturing space is continually stocked with millions of pounds of inventory. Just Aluminum, Just-In-Time, just the way you want it!

      Set apart by customer service that is second to none, EMS offers quality aluminum extrusions and sheet products, competitive pricing, and trend setting business solutions that give our customers the assurance they need to get the job done right.

      "Just-In-Time Delivery" is the backbone of our business today. Stocking inventory and shipping it as needed saves our customers valuable warehouse space. It also assures them that the products they need will be there when they need them.

      Whether it's sign extrusions, hurricane protection, sunshades, handrailing, or even a custom aluminum extrusion to your specifications, Eastern Metal Supply is the aluminum extrusions supplier that delivers quality products to your door.

      FL: 800-432-2204  • NC/AL: 800-343-8154  • TX: 800-996-6061  • MO/OH: 888-822-6061  • DE: 800-863-1496 by MagicBus.com    
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