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      Our Products|Handrail Extrusions


      Handrail Extrusions

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      Engineering Express

      In the market for handrail extrusions? Then look no further!

      We have an extensive stock of extrusions for the fabrication of Mechanical Railing, Welded Railing and Dixie Caps as well as Glass Railing. We also carry railing channel, pipe brackets, square tube for pickets and an assortment of Castings to finish off any railing project. Pre-fabricated punched channels and punched picket spears are also available.

      You can also visit our Fence, Wall and Gate Extrusions page to view more railing associated products.

      Contact your EMS Sales Representative for more information.

      Proud Members of the following Associations:

      » AFA: American Fence Association

      » NOMMA: National Ornamental & Misc Metals Association

      » TFA: Texas Fence Association

      » NADRA: N American Deck & Railing Association

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