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      Awning Shapes

    3. Complete Awning Section PDF

      We have an extensive stock of Staple Extrusions, Canvas Rail, Awning Accessories, and a colorful array of Vinyl Inserts to fit our staple extrusions. We also carry extrusions for the fabrication of Sunshades, Architectural Canopies & Walkways and Decorative Shutters.

      Ask your EMS sales rep for more information about our Machining and Fabrication capabilities that include CNC Lathes and Mills, Shearing, Punching, Drilling, Roll Forming, Deburring, Welding, Assembly and much more.

      And don't forget, we have a large of assortment of Square Tube extrusions with and without radius.

      Contact your EMS Sales Representative for more information.

      Proud Members of the following Awning Associations:

      » IFAI: Industrial Fabrics Association International

      » SWIFA: Southwest Industrial Fabrics

      » NECPA: North East Canvas Products Association

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